Brass CNC Machining

Brass CNC Machining

Brass is one of the easiest metals to machine, with many years of experience and proven expertise, our brass machining capabilities enable us to deliver high precision parts and components that match your design specifications. We utilize advanced Youlin® Brass CNC Machining technology to ensure perfect precision and repeatability, whether you need a handful of prototypes or full production runs with quantities in the tens of thousands. No matter how simple or complex your design may be, we will give you the flawless brass parts your project requires.

Product Detail

1.Our Services for Brass CNC Machining

The team at Youlin has decades of combined experience in Youlin® Brass CNC Machining, and can deliver precision parts with tolerances of ±0.0005” or better. We work with all grades and alloys of brass to produce everything from pipe fittings to components for advanced electronic devices. Please contact us for specific material questions or if you require a specialty grade or alloy. We also offer a range of secondary operations to give further value to our brass machining services. As needed, we can provide heat treating, surface finishing, and more to save you time and money on your project.
Make Youlin your first choice for precision brass machining. We have the skills and the know how to deliver high quality, tight tolerance parts that meet your unique requirements. Request a quote on Brass CNC Machining or contact us to discuss your project.

2.6 Potential Benefits of Brass CNC Machining

The following pointers will help you understand why Youlin® Brass CNC Machining never goes out of vogue.
●High-Speed Machining:

Brass CNC Machining Brass offers excellent machinability that is sometimes referred to as 100% machinability. The mechanical properties of this alloy are high strength, high tensile strength, and shear resistance. These properties contribute to the machining speed while using brass. The research shows that brass CNC manufacturing can be performed at speed 5 to 20% higher than other metal CNC machining processes.
●Precision Machining and Dimensional Stability:
Brass is well-known for its dimensional stability and is suited for strict tolerance manufacturing, too. Due to less deformation factor and high impact resistance, brass components remain dimensionally stable.
●High Workpiece to Tool Compatibility:
In Brass CNC Machining, there is negligible chip formation therefore tool wear and tear are minimum. Generally, brass rod workpieces are preferred for CNC machining. These workpieces are highly compatible with all sorts of CNC machining tools. Tool durability and friction free machining give higher machining productivity.
●Availability of Various Material Grades:
Like copper, brass is available in different grades. The following grades of brass are commonly used in the Brass CNC Machining process.
○Brass C35300:
Brass C35300 grade is used for the components demanding corrosion resistance, less operational friction, higher immunity against wear and tear.
○Brass C36000:
Brass C36000 grade is used for intricate part manufacturing. Complex components demand precise dimensional manufacturing. This grade offers superior machinability and tool to material compatibility.

●Higher Productivity and Profit:
Brass CNC Machining Being a fast, and precise machining process, Brass CNC Machining increases process efficiency. Brass is comparatively an economically convenient material, therefore it benefits the capital investment of machining material. Tool durability in this process is higher, therefore, the cost of frequently replacing tools is reduced. Along with all, post-machining treatments are not required in this process. These factors altogether lead to higher productivity and profit.

●Brass CNC Machining is Eco-friendly:
Brass is a copper alloy that retains the chemical or physical properties of natural copper. However, a few properties are enhanced in this alloy. Therefore, the material in this process is eco-friendly. Along with that, Brass CNC Machining does not inject any harmful gases, or chemicals into the environment. It is a zero scrap process as left out material can be recycled to 100% efficiency. Therefore, this is a green machining process.

3. FAQ

Q: What are tips for Brass CNC Machining?
A: These tips will help you experience more success when CNC machining brass:
Carbide cutting tools or cutters with carbide inserts can improve the material removal rate and extend the tool life.
Allow mills to run a higher speed.
Use spindle liners to protect the equipment, workpiece, and machine operators.
Faster machining speeds and higher quality in brass turning or milling can be achieved by reducing the clearance to damp vibration and eliminating the bar whip.
Proper programming is essential in CNC machining brass, for example, using the proper G-code to set spindle speed and operations based on the requirements of your project.

Q: Is brass easier to machine than aluminum?
A: Brass is one of the easiest materials to machine, especially in comparison to aluminum. Where aluminum can often stick to machining tools, brass seems to adhere to tools less during machining.

Q: Can machine brass without coolant?
A: Fast, slow, or just about anything in between, if you're learning to machine, it is a great metal to get started. Unless you have piles of chips inside a pocket, brass rarely needs coolant. Like other soft metals, this metal can get gummy, but more often than not, the chips are easy to clear with any sort of cutter.

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