Metal Forging

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Metal Forging is one of the more pivotal metal working processes in the metal manufacturing industry. It’s especially vital in the iron and steel industries and is viewed as a tremendous source of productivity. Metal forging is the process in which metals are formed and shaped using compressive forces. The forces are delivered using hammering, pressing, or rolling.

Compared to other manufacturing methods, metal forging is known to produce some of the strongest manufactured parts available. As the metal is heated and pressed, minor cracks are sealed and empty spaces found in the metal are closed up.

In addition, the hot metal forging process breaks up any impurities in the metal and redistributes such material across the metalwork. This results in vastly reduced inclusions in the forged part. Inclusions are compound materials embedded inside steel throughout manufacturing, causing stress points in the product.

A wide range of metals can be forged. Typical metal forgings include carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Very soft metals such as aluminum, brass, and copper can also be forged. The forging process can produce parts with superb mechanical properties with minimum waste. The basic concept is that the original metal is plastically deformed to the desired geometric shape—giving it higher fatigue resistance and strength. The process is economically sound with the ability to mass produce parts, and achieve specific mechanical properties in the finished product.

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